Monday, May 11, 2015

We have a Primary Race for Alderman-at-Large

In a bit of  surprise, Jim Noble has announced his intentions to seek reelection for Alderman-at-Large.  I must confess that I thought he would run for Jeanette Provenzano's legislative seat.

Now, a long term incumbent will battle an even longer term County Legislator for the Democrat line and possibly other lines.

This has the potential to be an incredible race.  The anti-Gallocrats have already started their nonsense by taking cheap shots on the Daily Freeman web site.  Although I expect Jim Noble will resist attacking his opponent, his supporters, i.e. the Anti-Gallocrats, will not resist.  Expect comments from Hoffay and other anti-Gallocrats to be absolutely vicious.

Calling a winner on this one is very difficult.  Jim is a nice guy with a lot of support.  Jeanette is well respected, more experienced, and is related to at least 1/2 the city.  It is the type of match up that politicos dream about.


Anonymous said...

Is someone going to primary Hein?

Anonymous said...

Someone damn well SHOULD.