Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hudson Valley Senators Betray Upstate New York.

Capital New York interview various Senators and has confirmed the exact vote of the Republican conference on the selection of the Majority Leader.

The vote was 18 to 15. I knew of 5 Upstate Republicans who betrayed their Upstate constituents. Turns out that there were 6 of them, including all 3 from the Hudson Valley, committed this act of betrayal.

Yes, folks. Senator Bill Larkin, Senator John Bonacic, and Senator Jim Seward all betrayed us. They all confirmed to Capital New York that they sided with New York City and Long Island by voting for Flanagan.

For years, I have heard these 3 men complain about how Upstate never gets any respect. Now, when we had the chance to have an Upstate Senator be Majority Leader and have a seat at the table, they betrayed us all.

Senator Seward was quoted as saying, "My natural inclination was to support him if he had the
votes.  But it became apparent by the time I had my chance to vote that he was going to fall short. So I thought it was important to begin to coalesce behind Senator Flanagan, so I voted for him.”

Note -- Seward said he would have supported the Upstate Senator "if he had the votes".  In other words, rather than take a stand and offer support, he intended to wait to see who was going to win and then suck up big time.  What integrity!

The only Hudson Valley Senators who stood up for New York State were Serino and Amedore.  The other 3 betrayed us.  I for one will NEVER forget this treachery.

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