Monday, May 11, 2015

Upstate Gets the Shaft Yet Again

Dean Skelos stepped down.  The 33 member Republican conference met behind closed doors to pick a new leader.  With 21 of the 33 members from Upstate New York, surely the winner would be Senator DeFrancisco from Upstate and not Senator Flanagan from Long Island.  Right?


Senator Flanagan apparently got at least 5 Upstate Senators to betray Upstate New York and their constituents and support downstate.  Once again, Upstate New York got the shaft.

Even though he was betrayed, Senator DeFrancisco showed party unity by nominating Flanagan once they went on the floor.  He has also refused to identify which Senators betrayed Upstate.

So, who are these Benedict Arnolds?  According to CapitalNewYork .com, one of them was Senator Cathy Young of Olean.  There are already threats of a primary against her and rightfully so.

I am urging all New York Upstaters to contact their Senators and demand to know who they supported.

The Buffalo news reports that another turncoat is Senator Michael Nozzolio.

There are claims being made that Senator Seward supported Flanagan though I cannot get any confirmation of that.  It is a claim by a prominent politico on Twitter (not a great source I admit).

Who are the others?  Who else betrayed Upstate New York?  What did they get in return?

Call your Senators and demand to know.


The New York Post is reporting that there were 4 Upstate Turncoats: Nozzolio, Young, Hugh Farley, and Bill Larkin who once represented Kingston.  If true, these 4 have betrayed their constituents and all of Upstate New York.


Anonymous said...

Brian Woltman is running for Legislator district 7 WOW

Anonymous said...

The Owner of Savano's parks in a no loading zone all day downtown and never gets a ticket. Must be favoritism from the Mayor similar to Ship to Shore.