Friday, May 3, 2013

Tom Hoffay Has Some Nerve

According to the Daily Freeman, Alderman Tom Hoffay is demanding that Mayor Gallo apologize or resign as Mayor.  I say, given Mr. Hoffay's extremely questionable background, he has no business questioning anyone's sense of decency.

Mr. Hoffay happens to be a defrocked priest.

When Mr. Hoffay was Chairman of the Democratic Party, there were young committeemen assigned to pick him up at local establishments after he got smashed or high.  The stories they have told me are incredible.

He has been fired from jobs for reasons that he really does not want made public.

I could go on and on with things that are far far worse.  Just his adventures near the old Park Diner are enough to curl the hair in your nose.

Quite frankly, for Tom Hoffay to try to play holier than thou is astounding.  It is also the height of hypocrisy.

Mr. Hoffay should do two things.  First, he should stop taking advantage of the Blaber-Gallo dust up for cheap political points.  Second, he should remember an old adage.  People in glass houses should not throw stones.


Anonymous said...

Lets all hear a big AMEN!! I always wondered about his checkered past.... Thanks for pointing out the hyprocrisy of Hoffay. He wants to be Mayor so bad that he manipulates people to do his bidding. He would be the puppet master behind any candidate he would put forth for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

It is you, counselor, who have some nerve playing the judge over the defrocked priest.
More priests need to be defrocked, more misdeeds of priests exposed, and more children protected in the Roman Catholic church. Although doing so at this point "closes the barn door after the horse escaped for approximately 90-100 years in this regard."

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


You are contradicting yourself.

You want more priests "defrocked", but condemn me for mentioning that someone in public office was defrocked.

Thus, it seems it is okay for you to comment, but not me?

Anonymous said...

HUH? 9:36am

Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard for posting this interesting piece. Many people, including members of the press have discussed this matter privately. I thank you for making it public. It would appear that Mr Hoffay has some questions to answer. In any event, keep up the good work. You are one of the only "honest merchants" , in what has become an embarrassing Ulster County bologsphere.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


A brilliant analysis.