Thursday, May 9, 2013

State Agency Says Hoffay and Company Broke the Law

Camille Jobin-Davis, the Assistant Director of the State Committee on Open Government, has advised the City of Kingston and the local media that Tom Hoffay and company violated the Open Meetings Law with their super double secret meeting concerning Mayor Gallo's firing of Jeremy Blaber.

Hoffay denies doing anything wrong.  Ironically, he attempts to place the blame on Corporation Counsel Zweben.  I guess Tom thinks he is credible if it saves his hide, but is not credible if it helps the Mayor.

Can this get any more comical?  Four Aldermen are driving this whole crazy train.  One has significant issues (as detailed on this blog), while one and possibly two do not even live in the wards they represent.  Now, they have violated the State Open Meetings Law in an attempt to discuss the misdeeds of another elected official.

It begins to read like a script for a bad sitcom.

To the Aldermen, I repeat .... CUT THE CRAP AND GET BACK TO WORK


Anonymous said...

Hoffay is a joke. He chides Gallo for his behavior and then won't man up for his own screw ups.

I hope a good candidate runs and beats Hoffay. He is a bad joke.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Tom can tell why he was fired by DHCR, thought he knew the law.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't Gallo be chided? He runs the traffic ticket system like a partnership between himself and Tinti that results in a nice commission for both according to the number of traffic tickets they write. Gimme a break! Look at what Gallo himself did to some citizen accusing him of running a stop sign and the man accused filed a complaint against him? And you talk about Hoffay? Why--because he is supposedly not representing the elitist interests? Baloney!! Shame on YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Can somebody tell me what exactly has Tom Hoffay contributed to the city other than pain and misery.? Has he brought in jobs? Cleaned up the city? tried to rid city of the criminal element? Written any resolutions while being on the council? Maintain cordial relationships with business people (can you say Pike Plan?) Please, someone tell me.... He speaks with platitudes, spouts theories but no real substance. When you have done as much as Gallo has down in his short time in office, than perhaps you might be able to take umbrage at recent events at City Hall. Who died and left you King? And please, do not speak for us ,the citizens of Kingston.I am a democrat and I don't support your actions to besmirch the current Mayor. You are a divisive faction in the city democratic party. Say Goodnight, Mr.Hoffay.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


There is no commission for tickets.

A man made accusations that are contradicted by police reports. Whoop de doo.

Shame on me?? For what, telling the truth??

Anonymous said...

Rich, i know about the claims Senor lives outside his ward, but who is the other alderman you are claiming lives outside their ward?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I make no such claim. I said there is one who does, referring to Senor.

There is a second Alderman that people are claiming has moved out of the ward. Until I have confirmation, I will not use the person's name.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstand my use of the word "commission". I meant it in the sense of revenue for the city, in the same way a salesman makes a commission--not in the sense of a "parking commission" or something.
What accusations are contradicted by police? Pray tell, this soap opera gets more involved, I must agree.....

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I knew what you meant. The city gets revenue, but no individual gets a commission or a cut.