Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hoffay Still At It

Alderman Hoffay said Mayor Gallo should apologize.  He did.  But, that is not enough.  Hoffay wants this story to continue so he arranged a meeting behind closed doors to discuss the matter.

Look for Hoffay to push the Council to attack Mayor Gallo in any way it can.

What he should do is let it go.  The city needs to focus on important issues.  Gallo lost his temper, said things he should not have, and apologized.  If he does it again, it's fair game.  For now, however, cut the political crap and get back to work.

There was no council action when Mayor Sottile threw a drink in a woman's face.  There is no need for council action now.  Cut the silly grandstanding and get back to work.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100 percent Mr.Cahill.xistze

Anonymous said...

Exactly!! I am willing to bet that most residents of Kingston want Gallo in place and will give him a second chance.He has done a lot of good in Kingston.Cleaned up areas that really have been neglected. He apologized. Now lets move on. Hoffay, give it up! And take your minion Dunn with you.

Anonymous said...

Said it before Ill say it again and you can disagree if you want too...
It appears to this citizen that just about every single democrat and republican in this county/city are a pack of unprofessionals and need the political job because no real business could have people like this employed and be successful.
Gallo while passionate is a hot head screaming baby...If I spoke to any of my employees in this manner I would punch myself...this is how a clown acts.
Hoffay...really? Please someone tell me one thing this wannabe has done other than start problems so he is noticed?
The list goes on.
In closing you should publicly thank Sinagra for going with Polacco you are way better a man than the current cast.
Stick to your law practice this kids game they call politics locally is way beneath you!

Anonymous said...

12:10 am Kingston voters sre idiots. They elected a guy after he threw a drink in a womens face. We cannot trust the voters.

Anonymous said...

Now Senor is grandstanding.

I understood no one was to speak after the closed door meeting on Monday night, seems as if everyone is now. So how can you trust Hoffay, Dunn, Ball and Senor?