Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney Wipes The Floor With Obama

Last night, Governor Romney completely destroyed President Obama in the first Presidential Debate.  But, do not take my word for it.  Let's look at comments from prominent Democrats and Liberals.

Andrew Sullivan of The Beast:  " Look: you know how much I love the guy, and you know how much of a high information viewer I am, and I can see the logic of some of Obama's meandering, weak, professorial arguments. But this was a disaster for the president for the key people he needs to reach, and his effete, wonkish lectures may have jolted a lot of independents into giving Romney a second look.

Obama looked tired, even bored; he kept looking down; he had no crisp statements of passion or argument; he wasn't there. He was entirely defensive, which may have been the strategy. But it was the wrong strategy. At the wrong moment.

The person with authority on that stage was Romney - offered it by one of the lamest moderators ever, and seized with relish. This was Romney the salesman. And my gut tells me he sold a few voters on a change tonight. It's beyond depressing. But it's true."

 Chris Matthew of MSNBC:  "I don't know what he was doing out there. He had his head down, he was enduring the debate rather than fighting it. Romney, on the other hand, came in with a campaign. He had a plan, he was going to dominate the time, he was going to be aggressive, he was going to push the moderator around, which he did effectively, he was going to relish the evening, enjoying it."

Bill Maher:  "“Obama made a lot of great points tonight. Unfortunately, most of them were for Romney.”

Michael Moore:  "If Romney keeps this up . . . Obama is going to vote for him."

A CNN poll found that 67 percent believe Romney won the debate, compared to only 25 percent for Obama.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think this was just a bad night for the President, you are mistaken.  This is how Obama debates.  Four years ago, his opponent was John McCain, a very weak debater.  Now, Mitt Romney, a strong debater, is running circles around the President.  In 2 weeks, it will happen again.


Anonymous said...

You are right. Romney took him apart.

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate the shallow motives of the liberal american electorate!

Anonymous said...

93The President does not do well without his telepromters at the ready....
Sorry Obama..say goodnight.

Anonymous said...

Obama does not do well without the proverbial teleprompter...Cannot BS when in a debate mode. He scored an "F" Say goodnight Obama.