Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dems Choose Carey

The Democratic Alderman chose 5th Ward Alderman, William Carey, to be the next Majority Leader.

Truth be told, it is a good choice for them.  They could not choose Brad Will in light of his ethical woes and the current "Where do I really live" controversy.  Mary Ann Mills would be a better choice, but that was clearly not going to happen since the left wing of the committee tried to end her political career.

I wish Mr. Carey good luck.  I just hope he does things his own way and does not allow Hoffay and company to pull strings.


Anonymous said...

He will be controlled, just like Noble will be.

Anonymous said...

MaryAnn Mills was the better choice but like you said they tried to get rid of her. She has the brains and a steely resolve to get things done for the city. No ego there! Bill Carey is a safe decision as he probably won't offend. Mr Dumm had a propensity for ticking other members of the council off along with the residents. He and Alderman Will were the attack dogs of the liberal agenda. But I am hoping Mr.Carey becomes his own man and cuts any puppet strings they might try to tie on him. He has had no opponents in the last 2 elections but he will now get a taste of what opposition feels like if he furthers their agenda.