Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Eliott Auerbach is considering running for Congress.  The laughter is carrying throughout the county.


Anonymous said...

He is a nice individual but not someone who can represent the 19th district especially with some strong Republican candidates vying for the position.

Anonymous said...

Elections are won on emotional issues-- not so much on the basis of personal qualifications of candidates.In 1946, a young John F. Kennedy, a war hero without any political experience whatsoever, won the Democratic Primary for the U.S. house of representatives Massachusetts 11th district seat in a field of 9 candidates. Many of those with extensive political experience. After Kennedy won the primary , he went on to win the general election and the rest is history.

Jack Scully said...

Tough for any democrat to win that seat since they changed the district boundaries. Cahill or Hein would make great candidates. But they both know the odds and are comfortable where they are now.
That's a good thing because the GOP can't touch either one.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Auerbach is no Jack Kennedy.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Polling showed Hein and Faso running even in Ulster County. That's the likely reason Hein is not running.

For a dem to win this seat, he or she must win Ulster County convincingly.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Heaney is another Republican who comes across as being impressive for a congressional candidate. He is a business owner and can relate to the economic climate in the 19th district.
Rich you are right in your comment..Auerbach is no Jack Kennedy. The Kennedy's already had power and influence before John Kennedy got into politics. I am sure Auerbach does not have that type of backing.

Anonymous said...

RC, I realize your point comparing Auerbach to Kennedy. JFK, in 1946, did run for congress in a predominately democratic congressional district, covering north Boston and its adjacent suburbs. Winning the democratic party nomination was tantamount to winning the general election due to the heavily stacked democratic party enrollment the Boston area had.

In 1946, JFK was a political unknown with the only political connection being his wealthy father, Joseph, who was previously the ambassador to Great Britain. There are numerous "expert" opinions as to why Kennedy won the congressional democratic party primary for the seat: some believe Joseph Kennedy "bought" the election for his son spending huge sums of money. Others believe, the mood of post WWII blue collar voters favored and idolized war heroes for public office, which JFK was.

Nevertheless, Kennedy captured 42% of the vote in a crowded filed of nine candidates including a 36 year female attorney from Sommerville, MA who previously was elected to the Massachusetts state legislature Yes,Rich, Auerbach is no JFK. He is neither a war hero nor does he come from a wealthy prominent family as Jack Kennedy did.And the New York 19th Congressional District is no wheres near the political party enrollment makeup of the Massachusetts 8th Congressional District that JFK ran in which consistently has elected democratic candidates to the House of Representatives.

I do agree with your last comment; it would be difficult for any democratic candidate to capture the NY 19th district congressional seat.