Friday, January 2, 2015

The Political Winds of Kingston

Some interesting political developments in Kingston.  They offer insight into the 2015 political year and the state of the City of Kingston Democratic and Republican Committees.

First, the Republican City Committee has a new Chairman, Tony Sinagra.  He defeated former Chairman McLean after secretly plotting against him for some time.  The effect on the 2015 election?  Rather marginal.  The City Republicans are very much divided ever since the 2011 election.

Second, an effort is underway to remove Alderman Dunn as Majority Leader.  Alderwoman Ball, who was the deciding vote in favor of Dunn one year ago is supposedly no longer supporting him.  If she and the four reasonable Alderman agree upon a candidate, then Dunn is out.

The effect on the 2015 election?  Potentially significant, especially in light of development number three which is that the City Zookeeper, Steve Noble, is contemplating a run for Mayor against Shayne Gallo.

According to the Daily Freeman, Noble, the nephew of Alderman-at-Large, Jim Noble, at a New Years Eve Party, said, ". . .  I will be spending the coming weeks getting to know the people who call Kingston home and who truly love this great city and explore with them their visions and hopes, as well as mine, and what immediate items they would like to see addressed.”

The effect?  Important in some ways, though irrelevant in others.  The importance is more about the Working Families,  and Green Party line than anything else.  These are the only lines that Noble has a real chance of winning and holding after an Opportunity to Ballot primary.  Mr. Noble is very much an environmentalist and such a philosophy bodes well for both of these lines.

However, he has no chance for either the Republican or Conservative lines.  Neither party will endorse him and he would have little chance of winning a Republican primary and no chance for the Conservative race,

As for the Democrat line, there is little question that Gallo would win the primary.  The anti-Gallo portion of the City Democratic Committee (e.g. Hoffay, Reynolds, Landi, etc.) tell anyone that will listen (and even those who do not want to listen) that Gallo is unpopular and easily beaten.  However, they are blinded by their hatred.   The average enrolled Democrat in the city (meaning not on the committee or politically active except for voting) likes Shayne Gallo.  Yes, some were disturbed after hearing him curse out Jeremy Blaber, but have since forgiven him.

The bottom line is that Noble cannot and will not defeat Gallo.  However, if he runs, the real intrigue will be Alderman-at-Large.  His uncle, Jim Noble, the incumbent, cannot run for re-election on the same ticket.  First, a ticket of Noble Noble would be confusing.  Second, it may not even be permissible under the current City Ethics Law.  Thus, the effect of a Steve Noble for Mayor candidacy could be to give us a new Alderman-at-Large.

Who would be the likely running mate for him then?  Alderman Dunn would be his likely running mate.  But, if he is defeated for Majority Leader, that hurts his chances.  Thus, the challenge by Ball could have an effect on the 2015 elections.

Finally, as a side note, you may notice I did not discuss the Conservative Party's potential endorsement.  Though I am City Chairman, our endorsements will be decided by the CITY Executive Committee.  As we have not formally discussed this race, it is not appropriate for me to discuss how the party will endorse.


Andrew Champ-Doran said...

In tonight's Democratic Caucus, Alderman Matt Dunn tied 4-4 with Alderman Elisa Ball for Majority Leader. As with last year's tie with Brian Seche, Alderman at Large James Noble allowed City Democratic Chair Joe Donaldson to cast the decider for Dunn.

-Andrew Champ-Doran

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Thank you, Andrew. Can you give the details on who voted for whom??

Andrew Champ-Doran said...


Thanks for asking. After some spirited discussion, I did notice that Matt Dunn's comments were nearly identical to his pitch last year, as were Joe Donaldson's.

Voting for Dunn were Matt Dunn (2), Brad Will(3), Bill Carey(5), and Steve Schabot(8).

Ball's votes were Brian Seche(2), Nina Dawson(4), Elisa Ball(6), and Mary Anne Mills(7).

As I said before, Alderman-at Large Noble passed the deciding vote for Dunn to City Democratic Chair Joe Donaldson, as he legally did last year.

-Andrew Champ-Doran