Tuesday, January 13, 2015

As the City Turns ...

There have been some interesting developments in city politics.

1)  Jim Noble said in the paper that he would "probably" not run for re-election if Mayor Gallo was on the Democrat ticket.  No question that he and Shayne are not getting along.  Of course, if Steve Noble runs, Jim would back him.  One thing I know about Jim Noble is that he is a family man.  He always puts family above politics which goes to his character.  He's a good man.

It does open questions, however, about likely successors.  Obviously, Matt Dunn wants to run.  He is not a great choice though.  He often goes off half cocked and some of his public statements really make me question his fitness for such an office.  That being said, I can see him teaming up with Steve Noble for a ticket.

Who should Gallo pick then?  In my mind, the logical pick is Jeanette Provenzano.  She is an experienced politico with significant gravitas who is related to most of the city.  She would bring competence, experience, and political strength to the ticket.  Plus, she would make history as the first women elected to the Alderman-at-Large position.  It would be the topper to one hell of a political career.

2)  Elisa Ball is not running.  This opens up ward six for both sides of the aisle.  It is an evenly split ward that either party could win.  No word yet on possible candidates.

Interestingly, her announcement came just a day or two after she unsuccessfully challenged for the majority leader position.  A connection?  Maybe.

Before anyone else asks, I am not seeking or running for the position.  I have had 4 or 5 people ask me already.  While I appreciate the interest, I am not going to run.


Finally, there is something I have to address.  A recent blog whose author is anonymous (though obvious) has been making assertions that I "sold out" to Shayne Gallo for a position on the fire commission so I could get "a shiny badge".

First, I have not received nor am I looking for a badge.  Shayne asked me if I would volunteer my time on the commission and I agreed.  I have been a social member of a local volunteer fire department for many years and saw this offer as a chance to make a difference.  I have enjoyed my time on the commission and feel I have been able to  make at least a small difference.

Second, if someone thinks that I would "sell out" to anyone, let along for a non-paid, volunteer position of extremely limited clout, then said person is beyond foolish.

The 2011 mayoral campaign between Shayne, Polacco, Ladin,and me started as most campaigns do.  We were all adversaries.  However, during the campaign, Shayne and I became friends.  We are actually very similar people. We grew up in old school political and catholic families.  As such, we view Kingston similarly.

In short, Shayne and I are friends.  If people do not like that, tough.


Anonymous said...

Looking at some of the stuff on that other blog, the author must be taking all sorts of prescription meds. It wouldn't surprise me if he once got fired for taking such drugs.

Andrew Champ-Doran said...

Hello, Richard,

I like the thought of Jeanette Provenzano as Alderman-at-Large, but it sure would be a shame to lose her voice from the County Legislature.

As to Alderwoman Ball's announcement, she did state her intentions to not run for any office at any level in the Fall during debate at Caucus, before the Majority Leader election on Monday night. She used the point to mark the contrast between her intentions and Matt Dunn's ambitions.

Dunn, for his part, denied any further political ambitions beyond Majority Leader. His phrasing though, was leading and decidedly present tense, as in "no plans, at this very moment". I seem to recall the same type of phrasing when he announced he would not run for a second term on the Common Council. That was just a week before accepting the nomination and announcing his intention to run again.

I guess it all depends on what your definition of "is", is.

-Andrew Champ-Doran

Elisa ball said...

I announced I was not running for re-election before I ran for Majority Leader. I ran for ML with no political agenda other than wanting to mend the council. I spoke about it to the full council before the vote.

Anonymous said...

If only Washington DC could have the same policy..just because we are from different parties it is not required that we be enemies in our personal lives. In this administration Mayor Gallo has reached across the aisle to cull ideas to move the City of Kingston forward. Yes, he can get upset at certain inflammatory comments in the paper or from other individuals and have the tendency to respond in the heat moment. Who wouldn't? All in all city politics doesn't have to be contentious. It is just certain factions within each party getting pleasure in doing it. I would surmise the general population in Kingston are getting tired of the "he said, she said" mentality of political maneuvering of certain individuals who are only interested in settling a score. Some people thought Rich was behind the Kingston Goodfellas (hate to even give them any kind of recognition). Seriously? That is something Cahill would never stoop to. Too much of a gentleman plus he has a better grasp of the English language then those idiots. Foul language? Obviously they have trouble getting a point across or they relish the thought of offending. And to put a mafia spin on it? Ugh!

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Fair enough, Alderwoman.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

No comment about drug usage. However, if you are saying the author once worked for the city, you are correct.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Thanks for the comment. Alderwoman Ball posted the same thing about her intentions.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

People thought I wrote that garbage??!! I have more pride than that. I am a published author. I take pride in my writing. I also post under my own name. To not do so is cowardly.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

If I had written that blog, I would not have said that the wife of the Alderman at Large is an enrolled conservative. She was some time ago, but is not now.

I also would not have said that the Republican Chair broke the tie between Senor and me for leader. Alderman Teetsel, the 3rd member, voted for me and I won 2 to 1.

I do not mind if people call me names, but do not accuse me of writing that pathetic and grammatically challenged crap.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I speculated and reached a wrong conclusion. It happens. Thanks for setting me straight.

Anonymous said...

Is Kingstongoodfellas actually Jeremy Blaber?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Of course it is.

Andrew Champ-Doran said...


County Legislator Jeanette Provenzano announced on this morning's Kingston Community Radio that she is running again. She says that after 23 years, she still has something to contribute.

I believe she does.

Andrew Champ-Doran