Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Woerner and Blaber lose BIG

Hear are the unofficial results.

In Ward 9, Lynn Johnson won the Independence, Working Families, and Democrat primaries tonight.  The margin in the Democrat primary was perhaps the most lopsided result in recent memory (126 to 27).  Thus, in November, Debbie Brown will have Rep and Con with Johnson having Dem, Ind, and WF.  It should be a hell of a race.  Blaber is eliminated.

In Ward 4, Nick Woerner has defeated handily by Nina Dawson.  The results were Dawson 73, Woerner 45 Shabazz 14).  I must admit how shocked I am (albeit pleased) to see such a strong loss despite having Mr. Shabazz splitting the challenger vote.  Nina Dawson also won the Working Families primary.  So, in November, Dawson will have Dem, Ind, and WF, while Steve Ladin will have Rep, Con, and Red Dog.  Woerner is eliminated.

In Ward 8, Lisa Bruck appears to have won the Conservative line.  However, Steve Schabot won the Democrat line 65 to 30.  So, that race will be Schabot with Dem and WF and Bruck with Rep, Con, and Ind.

In Ward 3, Champ-Doran held on to the Independence line, but did not win the Democrat primary.  In an upset, Brad Will won the Democrat line with 79 votes.  Champ-Doran came in second with 45 and Richard Kelder had 43.  This sets up a 3-way race in November.  Champ-Doran will have Rep and Ind, Will has the Dem, and Kelder has WF.

In ward 6, Elisa Ball appears to have held the Conservative line by a vote of 6-5.  I do not know if there absentees.  Corcoran needs 2 votes because a tie will be broken by the City Chairman and you can bet your last dollar he will vote for Ball, the nominated candidate.  Ball also took the Independence Line away from Corcoran with a 8-2 victory.  In November, Ball has Dem, Ind, and likely Con.  Corcoran will have Rep only.

In the two biggest races, John Quigley appears to have handed Dave Donaldson his first electoral loss in nearly 30 years.  He last lost to Bernie Sims in the old 13th ward.  Quigley leads 18 to 12, though 9 absentee votes remain.  (Through the grapevine, I hear at least 4 of them are for Quigley).  So, in November, Quigley will have Rep, Con, and Ind, while Donaldson will have Dem and WF.  This could be the sleeper race of the year.

In the top race, there are no numbers out of the Bernardo Dawson race, though I am getting word that Bernardo won the 2 reported districts quite handily.  We will know more later.


Anonymous said...

Now Nicky can go back to wrk for his cronie Aaron or back to making pizzas.

Blaber can just go back to NYC and his pain killers.

Anonymous said...

Blaber, the wanderer, coming to a city near you!