Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Letter On Woerner's Record

A letter has been circulated throughout Ward 4 concerning the record of Nick Woerner as Town Superviser.  The letter is signed by Cris Hendrick, A Town of Ulster Councilwoman, and Renno Budziak, a former Chairman of the Town of Ulster Planning Board and a former committeeman for the Town of Ulster Democrats.

Basically, the letter sets forth clear and unassailable facts proving that Nick Woerner bankrupted the Town of Ulster while serving as Town Supervisor.

I was going to simply post the copy of the letter, but the quality of the copy sent to me does not look particularly good.  So, I decided to simply re-type the letter word for word (minus the date of September 2, 2013 and a few grammatical changes).  Here it is ...

"Dear Fourth Ward Resident                                           

Not long ago, a young ambitious man aspired to become Supervisor of the Town of Ulster, encompassing a population of over 12,000 people with a municipal operating budget of over $13 million.  Voters gave NIck Woerner the opportunity to exercise an agenda of positive change and to execute associated quality of life initiatives, but the voters' hopes and expectations were soon dashed by Mr. Woerner's failed governance, affinity to special interest groups, failed leadership, lack of transparency, and gross fiscal mismanagement and consequently he was unceremoniously booted out of office for his demonstrated ineptness.

While Mr. Woerner's political career has hopefully come to a permanent close in the Town of Ulster, he has now reappeared as a potential political candidate in the City of Kingston.  His recent baseless and misdirected criticism of Mayor Gallo contains no substance and is a cheap political ploy intended to play to the emotions of the voters of district 4and is reflective of his contentious and divisive nature.  His recent publicized pronouncements regarding his previous experiences and qualifications as a short term Supervisor of the Town of Ulster are exaggerated and overstated.  It is recognized that the election in the City of Kingston is an internal issue.  However, the neighboring communities of the Town of Ulster and City of Kingston have many common and independent issues whose disposition and associated cause and effect relationships have direct impact upon the welfare of the of the respective municipalities and thus related outcomes are indeed of mutual interest and concern.  Since Mr. Woerner and his failed performance history may be unknown factors in the City of Kingston, disclosure of unfiltered facts is being made in the spirit of providing its constituency the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding the selection of a candidate best suited to represent its best interest in the forthcoming elections.

Additionally, recent revelations of Mr. Woerner's troubled personal financial status should be of no surprise since this historical problem is symptomatic of his inability to responsibly manage financial matters.  The following are problematic fiscal facts associated with Mr. Woerner's tenure:

*  June 1, 2006 Fund Balance at beginning of his tenure: $5,890.657.

*  Dec 31, 2009 Fund Balance at the end of his tenure: $297,176.

*  Spent $5.5 million of the fund balance in 4 years.

*  Submitted a preliminary budget to increase taxes in 2009 by 32% but, after public uproar, 
   was reduced to a still staggering 20%.

*  Secured a grant for a Senior Center for $300K, but overspent by by an additional $388K.

*  Increased Town department by $14.2 million leaving Town liabilities exceeding its assets
   by $9,334,694.

*  Overspent the Town 2009 budget by $1,244,982 and took a Bond Anticipation Loan of
   $1,348,500 to cover overspending.

*  At the end of his term, the Town was left with a $9,368,000 debt.

Unless the City of Kingston is looking for over taxation and wasteful and reckless spending, we don't believe that Mr. Woerner is worthy of governance in the City of Kingston.  The City of Kingston can do better and certainly deserves better than Nick Woerner.


Cris Hendrick
Current Town of Ulster Councilwoman
Current Chairwoman, Town of Ulster Conservative Party.

Renno Budziak
Former Chairman, Town of Ulster Planning Board
Former Town of Ulster Democratic Party Committeeman"


Anonymous said...

This is nothing new. This is what he has been about all of the time. He still has his developer and a few others supporting him why.

Anonymous said...

I was in a diner and Woerner was there too. He found out about the letter and went crazy. He really through a fit. I nearly choked on my soup with laughter.

Anonymous said...

Not that I am supporting Woerner, I am not! You must consider the source here. Budzniak was a Non Enrolled voter, then a Democrat, then a Republican, then a Conservative. Not one of the things I would point out about the authors.

Hendrick, The Conservative Chair in Ulster and non other than Vince Guido's current muse, is locked in a battle to get on the Republican line. I am certain that this letter plays into that for her too. Remember the newspapers Guido puts out before elections?
Again, no supporter of Woerner but there is always an ulterior motive with these politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Ward 4 will be reading this and paying attention to his ineptitude to govern responsibly. Ward are the first line of defense!! Get out and vote for anybody but Shabazz and Woerner.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who votes for nicki needs a head exam...

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Whenever a politician cannot refute the statements, he attacks the people saying it personally.

I do not care who wrote the letter. I care about the contents which are 100% true. Woerner nearly bankrupted Ulster.

Anonymous said...

Woerner and his developer bankrupted the Town of Ulser, along with a few other of his cronies.