Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lies Are Not Working

For months, the Schreibman campaign has been telling lies about Congressman Gibson.  They have been trying to use "Mediscare" tactics to turn seniors against him. 

A new poll from Siena shows that it is not working.  Gibson leads 52 to 36 thus giving him a commanding 16 point lead.  In actuality, the lead is much higher.  The Siena polls always seem to favor Democrats.  In political circles, it is well known that any results from Siena require an additional 4 to 5 points be added to the Republican total to be truly accurate.  Thus, I suspect Gibson is really up 20 to 21 points.

Some have theorized that Obama being on the ticket will carry democrats.  Not so.  The same poll shows Obama up 4 points in the district.  Using the math that I mentioned before, the race is a dead heat in the district.  (Don't get excited if you are backing Romney.  NYC, Albany, Ithaca, and Buffalo will guarantee that New York goes with Obama.)  In the district though, there appears to be no coat tails from the President.

I guess it is time to tune up the band for Mr. Schreibman and sing, "Turn out the lights, the party's over . . ."

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