Thursday, September 13, 2012

Talk About Insane

Three news stories have come to light which cause me to shake my head and wonder if any sane person is currently running our country or our foreign policy.

First, it is being reported by various non-partisan news sources that the Marines assigned as security detail for our embassy in Egypt were under orders by our Ambassador to Egypt not to carry live ammunition. Instead, we were relying upon Egypt security (run by the Muslim Brotherhood) to guard our sovereign territory, i.e. the embassy and its personnel. The idea of having unarmed Marines guarding our embassy in Egypt, especially given the current political climate there, is absolute lunacy.

A former Democratic elected official (Zell Miller) once said at the Republican National Convention in 2004 that he was concerned that national Democrats were planning to weaken our national defense. He asked whether our country was to be defended "with spitballs". Apparently, this was the case for our Marines in Egypt.

Second, it is now being reported that the White House was informed of dangerous protests and violent outbursts against our embassies in Egypt and several other countries 48 HOURS BEFORE IT HAPPENED.  Yet, NOTHING was done to protect our embassies or our citizens.  Now, one of our ambassadors is dead along with an aide and 2 marines.

Why was nothing done?  

Third and finally, the official initial response from our country after these attacks was an apology for offending the Islamist terrorists and attackers.  The media did not criticize this at all.  Yet, when Governor Romney expressed his outrage over this abysmal response, the Obama pocket media attacked Romney while giving Obama a pass. 

Sometimes, with this administration, I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone.  Right is deemed wrong and a proper objection is deemed treasonous.  It was bad enough when there was no white or black, just grey.  Now, it has been completely reversed so that anything pro-America is deemed politically incorrect and wrong.  If I say the pledge of allegiance, I am apparently offending people.  If I say God Bless America, I am anti-atheist or anti-agnostic.  The majority of people at the Democrat Convention booed God.  The majority of the media did not criticize this, but instead criticized those who objected to the booing.

After all of this, I am forced to ask some questions.  What's wrong with people?  Has the whole country gone mad?  Am I, as a proud and patriotic American, in the minority?  Is the United States not the greatest country in the world?  Or am I somehow a racist, "Europhobe", or "Middle Eastphobe" for believing that America is the best?

Man, do I need a beer!!


Anonymous said...

did you see documentary Obama 2016?. Kind of like a playbook for Obama Administration and starting to see some of that forecast. Very troubling in these recent events......

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Now, we are seeing Al Qaeda threats at three American universities. Our embassy in England is under attack.

When are we going to show some backbone?? This noodle spine diplomacy must stop.

We need new leadership and that starts with a new President.

Anonymous said...

No, you do not need a beer. I believe in the America that existed when churches ran a national temperance movement and in fact produced Prohibition. That was as patriotic as any anti-DWI campaign today. Escaping in alcohol is no solution, and it is especially and particularly no solution for the Irish. While Prohibition obviously didn't work and didn't last, the ideas behind it were sound. We certainly would have less drunk driving(accidents, and deaths and twisted heavy metal, insurance policies, law enforcement time to document such, and litigation--not to mention broken and twisted marriages and families) if we had more temperance movements. But you see back then women ran that. Today, women run the country instead(relatively speaking to the situation generally in an earlier time). One woman who celebrated that with the magazine to celebrate that spoke at Vassar College recently(Gloria Steinem). The women's movement since the 1970's has done absolutely NOTHING to improve American Society nor certainly the family--and if you WANT to have a beer over that--I say instead take a shot of carrot juice and have a grand and glorious toast to your liking to that!! Once Vassar college was strictly for women(when women had very different roles in our society). You decry embassies failing protection in a foreign land, but the veteran who winds up homeless after he comes home you pay no attention to. The veteran who returns from war to a land that does not appreciate his service(Vietnam). The veteran who is gravely disabled by war who cannot be hired and barely survives. The veteran who has suffered immeasurably by the use of the defoliant Agent Orange in Vietnam who was told by the VA that his ailments were all "mental", and the "flaming liberal unpatriotic person"(Maurice Hinchey) who fought on their behalf as a state assemblyman who didn't have to do that. No, I question whether YOU, sir, understand what it means and is to be truly patriotic, and how much personal contact you've had in your life with veterans, sir. This patriotism concept is not the same as supporting the Giants over the Yankees the same year Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Grow up , man. This is more like supporting right versus might--and sometimes that necessarily means and entails a very healthy and avlid debate from within. The most patriotic veterans that ever lived know and recognize this and recognize this WELL, and these included such persons as Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower in our history. Do not deign to exclusively know what it means to be patriotic. You certainly have no monopoly on the sentiment, and you certainly do not have the privilege from your own life experiences to know what veterans go through, and although this post makes an attempt to suggest you know, you really do not know and I would ask you to live with that reality and do so without so much as a drop of beer. When you throw out the idea of having a beer, you seem to take no thought to the fact that I watched a veteran literally drink himself into the grave out of his perennial overconsumption of alcohol and do so in a place named Kingston, NY. You are most welcome to host a temperance party in honor of true patriotism if you so wish, but if you do not so wish and merely wish to suggest some privilege of knowing both patriotism and the life of a veteran, I suggest that if you "smoke some weed" you may get closer to the mental state that may allow you some actual empathy with the veteran than merely ranting about some embassy security somewhere for purely political purposes so you may score points on the subject, underscoring your righteous indignation with the notion of having a beer. Harrruuumph!!

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I suggest a nice quiet place for you to relax. It has nice men with white coats and the walls are padded.