Monday, August 13, 2012

Time for a Real Debate

Governor Romney made a bold and exciting choice for his running mate.  He chose Paul Ryan, a solid conservative known for backing up his words with solid plans.

Already, the Obama campaign and their surrogates are doing what they do best.  They are spreading lies and allegations against Paul Ryan.  If you have not heard the Democrat talking point already, then allow me.  The Democrats are claiming that Romney and Ryan want to destroy Medicare and let granny die from a lack of care.  In some cases, they have even worded it exactly in that way.

Now, let's discuss the truth.  The only candidate for President who cut over $700 billion from Medicare was President Obama as part of his Obamacare plan.

Second, the Romney-Ryan plan changes NOTHING for current seniors.  The changes are for those down the road who are not even seniors yet.  It is an attempt to save Medicare.  Interestingly, the plan was originally conceived by a bipartisan commission created during the Clinton administration. Is it not interesting that not one word of that has come from the Obama surrogates?

The selection of Paul Ryan sets up a true debate.  The election presents a choice between President Obama/ VP Biden who believe that government is the answer to all our problems versus Governor Romney/Congressman Paul Ryan who believe that government is more often than not the problem itself.  It is big government versus a smaller more efficient government.  It is HUGE entitlement spending versus more efficient entitlement spending.

The only question now is whether the Obama campaign will allow this to be a debate or whether they will continue to run their campaign in the mud.  They or their closely allied Super PAC have been running ads accusing Romney of being responsible for the death of a woman who died of cancer.   They have run ads attacking an African American Congressman showing a computer generated version of the Congressman punching an old white woman in the face.  Yet another ad had a Ryan lookalike pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair off a cliff.  They have promised even tougher ads.  It is going to get nasty and ugly, primarily because the President cannot run on his record.

Below I have attached a video of the "Homecoming Speech" offered by the next VP, Paul Ryan, when he and Governor Romney traveled to Wisconsin on the day after Ryan was named as the running mate.  Enjoy.

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