Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Great Night of Boxing

This past Saturday night, there was an amateur boxing card at the Murphy Recreation Center (Bill Costello gym) in Kingston.  I was honored to once again be the ring announcer.  The card was excellent and very entertaining.  There were special guests including Renaldo Snipes, the former #1 ranked Heavyweight contender famous for knocking down Larry Holmes in round 7 of their championship fight.

This was the first card since the passing of Kingston's Champ, Bill Costello.  There was a moment of silence and 10 count ringing of the bell in his honor.  Interestingly, all three boxers for Costello's gym were victorious and I am sure the Champ was smiling from above.

There is a good chance of another card in November.  I urge everyone to attend.  Below are the results of the evening's card.

1. 132-pounds: Sam Capriatti (Kingston) over Sam Tate (Lorenzo’s)
2. 165-pounds: Kendo Anderson (Schenectady) over Alexander Rodriguez (Elite)
3. 141-pounds: Joe Gbolo (Schott’s) over Richard Bonds (Newburgh)
4. 145-pounds: Mikiah Kreps (Niagara Falls) over Robbie Cook (Standing Rock)
5. 201+pounds: Ezra Scott (Niagara Falls) over Corey Klob (Sweeney’s)
6. 165 pounds: Shane Harris (Kingston) over Jayson Taylor (Schenectady)
7. 141-pounds: Zeb Mikula (Alpha) over Paul Maley (Precision)
8. 152-pounds: Mike Black (Hudson) over Ronnie Robideau (Standing Rock)
9. 170-pounds: Eric George (Niagara Falls) over David Tomaso (Hudson)
10. 152-pounds: Ralphael Edwards (Kingston) over Daniel Fitzgerald (Lee)
11. 82-pounds Dion Laurel (Old School) over Matthew Maloney (Elite)

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