Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First West Virginia, now Arkansas ??!!

In a shocker, President Obama saw a Texas inmate get over 40% of the vote against him in a West Virginia primary.  Now, in what is being called "politically cataclysmic", the President finds himself with only a 7 point lead over an unknown Tennessee attorney in Arkansas.

A poll of Democrat voters in Arkansas shows Barack Obama receiving support from only 45 percent of Democrats, while 38 percent support his underfunded and relatively unknown primary challenger, John Wolfe, Jr.  There are 17% of the voters that are undecided.

Let me be clear.  I have no doubt that President Obama will win the Arkansas primary.  The point is that it should not even be close considering that he is the sitting President and his opponent is unknown. 

I must ask though.  If Obama were to lose, would he be crying "Wolfe"??

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