Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Possible Battle Brewing??

Sources tell me that Town of Ulster Supervisor Jim Quigley is considering a run for the new Senate seat that may be created in the near future. This is causing some considerable concern from Senate Republicans who have apparently placed their support behind Assemblyman George Amedore.

It is my understanding that a meeting took place between Quigley and Amedore. Amedore decided to present a "tough" image and had his proxies threaten to destroy Quigley in a primary. Mr. Quigley was apparently less than impressed and certainly not intimidated.

Both Mr. Amedore and Mr. Quigley are strong candidates. A substantial portion of the new district is in the southern half with Ulster as the largest county. Do not be surprised if there is a sudden reconsideration of the district lines changing them so that they end a block or two from Quigley's home, thus leaving him out of the district.

However this matter works out, it would be wise for Senate Republicans to tread lightly. Jim Quigley has never been afraid to stand for what he believes in notwithstanding the odds. He would be a considerable opponent in the Republican Primary and could very well take the Conservative and Independence Party lines away from Mr. Amedore.

The next few weeks could be very interesting.


Anonymous said...

If Quigley didn't end up in the same district as Amedore, then I'd love to see him take on Bonacic. Of course, he never would; Bonacic and the Bernardos are inextricably linked. And Bonacic, Chapman, and Bernardo are making it a habit of threatening people with not getting the Independence line if they dare to believe in democracy. They'd love nothing more than to stamp out any opposition. Len Bernardo gets all his juice from Orange County. On his own, he's a nobody. Unfortunately, the Republican caucus in Ulster County fell for his threats, and now have his wife to contend to with. Only Quigley would have the courage to take someone on despite threats. Go Quigley!

Anonymous said...

what has happened to the once powerful UC Republican committee? Who gave the carpet baggers Bernardo's the Republican crown. If Pete Savago was still in charge, the State committee would be coming with hat in hand to ask if there was nayother canidate other than Quigley that Savago would accept. Come on Republicans put your big boy and big girl pants on and take back your party and make it strong so that you can elect people on your own line. If you need other lines you are to weak, and the Democrats will take you apart district by district. Your leadership has made the mistake of letting the Conservative and Independence partys telling you what to do. The Conservs and Indep should be asking you for the privalage of having a Republican on there lines.