Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Political Correctness Run Amuck

A basketball team in Texas was forced to apologize for chanting a phrase the High School officials felt was racist. What was the chant?? It was --and I quote-- "USA!! USA!! USA!!"

Apparently, chanting USA is now racist?!

This political correctness garbage as gone too far and must stop.


Anonymous said...

When I read your post, like you, I was thinking this crazy. How can shouting USA! be racist. But, I actually read the article on-line that indicates that the opposing team was primarily or completely Hispanic, and so the chant was really implying that the opposing team was made up of illegal immigrants, an in effect, they should be deported off the court. See, that the whole story. What you posted was the abbreviated, Conservative, Fox News BS version. And you wonder why the people of Kingston (who can actually think for themselves) keep rejecting your campaigns. Of course, it is always everybody elses fault but yours. Got a mirror?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Now that I have read your MSNBC, Kool-Aid drinking, left-wing nonsense (see I can throw out stupid insults too), let's get to the point.

The chant was "implying that the opposing team was made up of illegal immigrants"?? Implied in whose mind? Yours? Some school administrator?

Just because the opposing team had Hispanic players, one must automatically assume that people chanting think they are illegal immigrants? The kids chanting are not the racists in that equation.

Chanting USA is not racist. If the coach decided to discipline the players for gloating or excessive celebrating, that's fine. But racist?? That's over the top and frankly wrong. It is political correctness run wild.

Second, try keeping your arguments to the issue. Insulting the person presenting the argument (in logic a fallacy known as ad hominem) is a poor method of debate and resolves nothing.

I understand that everyone uses this logical fallacy, but I think you and I can debate this issue without resorting to such behavior.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Rich. What has happened to free speech. It seems to be that it is filtered on a daily basis.The problem should be laid on individuals who perceive an affront to their senses. I cannot condone graphic and offensive language but this incident was an enthusiatic, spirited cry in the game of competition. All individuals are entitled to their own opinions and I am tired of liberal individuals( celebrities, in particular) who go on the attack to a respectful dialogue between intelligent individuals. But I have to say that Limbaugh's tirade was disgusting. Not in the least bit humorous or entertaining. It came across as mean spirited and no real social value.