Monday, January 30, 2012


Since news broke about my Dad becoming very ill, I have received numerous calls, texts, e-mails, etc. wishing him well. All are greatly appreciated.

For those asking for details, my Dad is in extremely critical condition at Kingston Hospital. He is fighting and proving himself to be one tough old bird. The odds are against him, but we are hoping and praying.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and all your family...Nancy & Bob Smith

bd said...

Yr venerable Father is in our prayers, RC,,

Jen Fuentes said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your father is sick. My prayers for a speedy recovery. Spring is just around the corner and our neighborhood needs him to tend to those beautiful rosebushes that brighten the spirits for so many. My thoughts are with you both.

Lou said...


prayers and well for you and family.


Jacobs Live People for People said...

Please send my sincere best wishes to your entire family Rich. I have always had a sincere respect for your Dad. He is a true gentleman and he is in my prayers. Regards From The Jacobs Family