Friday, January 13, 2012

Mayor Gallo Rejects Offer of Developer Aaron

Mayor Gallo has rejected a request from Steve Aaron to pay $50,000.00 of approximately $330,000.00 in back taxes. The deal would have required the City to have granted Aaron's request to apply 2 tax credits toward the property retroactive to 2009. The City previously denied the request and the matter is in litigation.

Interestingly, the offer was originally made to Mayor Sottile who forwarded it to the Common Council. It is unclear if he was seeking approval or just passing the buck. A Mayor has to be a leader and make the tough decisions. Matters of this importance should not be dumped to the Common Council. The Mayor should make the decision, but keep the Common Council in the loop.

Mayor Gallo made the decision to roll the dice and go to court. Had I won the election and was faced with the same decision, I would have made the exact same decision. Kudos to Mayor Gallo on this one.


Anonymous said...

Dude, have you changed? Where are the bombs you used to throw? I guess it really was Jimmy Sottile that stoked the fire.

Anonymous said...

where are the comments from the investors who own 95% of all the propertys that this jerk aaron runs? why are they not being held responsible for the debt that aaron owes? and how about we reach out to get a comment from that idiot watzka who once held a badge to help ulster county catch the criminals such as aaron and now sits there collecting a large salary and protects the criminal?

up the road a piece,,, said...

Look,, If Zweben is Shayne & the City's lawyer, now, then this is all a smokescreen, folks,

Andy Z & Stevie A are joined at the same Hinchey hip.

Smoke & Mirrors, , Smoke & Mirrors.

" the New Boss is the same as the Old Boss"
The Who