Wednesday, November 2, 2011

KURA "Meet the Candidates"

Rather than have candidates appear and give oral answers, the Kingston Uptown Residents' Alliance (KURA) sent questionnaires to all 4 candidates for Mayor, the 2 Alderman-at-Large candidates, and all of the Alderman candidates.

Sadly, most candidates did not respond. In the Mayor's race, 3 of the 4 responded. The answers have been posted. Click here to see them.

I apologize for the length of my answers, but they requested specifics.


Anonymous said...

The answers given speak a lot a bout the candidate's abilities.

For example, Polacco submitted nothing. He offers nothing.

Anonymous said...

Kura is represented by an anti union leader in jerry soldner. He is an elitist and doesnt care about the blue collar fabric that makes up this city, he is a snob! Who cares what this little lord fauntleroy thinks.

Anonymous said...

the Kingston uptown residence alliance is a group of snobs lead by jerry Soldner that is clearly out of touch with the rest of the blue collar working people that live and work in the city. why does thier endorsement count and why am i supposed to care?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

Easy guys. Just look at the questions asked and the answers given.

There is no endorsement from KURA that I am aware of. I just thought the questions and answers offered great insight into the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Why is there an attack on this citizen, Jerry Soldner? He has every right to ask questions and give his opinion. As to him being an elitist? Where does that come across? I don't see it. I would say that the two posters must feel threatened to strike out like that.
He discussed other issues last night at the public speaking forum at city hall, like the high assessments of homes that are way out of wack. Surely, you must agree with that statement especially if you are a homeowner.