Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Final Debate

Today was the final debate of the campaign. It took place at the Daily Freeman. It was an excellent debate, though I still think Mr. Ladin should have been invited.

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Anonymous said...

All 3 articles on the mayors race in this week's Kingston Times blasted Polacco. He had nothing to offer, in fact the editorial even asked if he was qualified to be alderman. That's just embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

The Freeman debate was painful to watch because Polacco was rude, stand-offish and did not answer questions intelligently. He's in over his head and is drowning.

Anonymous said...

You clearly won the debate, Rich. Sadly, Shayne will win the election.

I blame Polacco. You would have beaten Andi and the Turquettes in the primary without Polacco in the race.

With the Republican and Conservative line, you would have beaten Gallo. It's a damn shame that Polacco had to get involved and screw it up for the whole city.

Anonymous said...

2:10 - the damn shame is that the Republicans in this city were bamboozled by Polacco. Everyone has a right to run. But obviously the Republicans in Kingston aren't smart enough to know that though Ron is a nice guy, that's where it ends.

He hasn't taken a stand on anything - he takes a "wait and see" attitude on almost everything, and if it's not that, he'll decide when he takes office.

It all started with the city convention. They should've backed Cahill - he was the strongest candidate who could've given either Clement or Gallo a run for their money.

Polacco's votes will come from family and friends - it's shameful that they don't care enough about this city that they'd elect a know-nothing, never-done-anything, candidate.

Anonymous said...

Ron Polacco is great at identifying problems - but anyone can do that. We all know what plagues this city.

But Mr. Polacco has yet to come up with any solutions. That's the difference between you and Gallo and him.

You and Gallo both have solutions - on some you agree, and on others you disagree. But either way, you both have ideas how to get there.

Ron is completely lost.