Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sottile Not Running Again

Mayor Sottile issued a press release today announcing that he will not seek another term as Mayor. He will, however, serve his remaining term.

Mayor Sottile and I have disagreed strongly on matters of public policy. Nevertheless, I wish him well on all his future endeavors.

In other news, Jim Noble announced that he will not seek the office of Mayor and will run for Alderman at Large instead. Numerous other Democrats are now seeking the position including: Shayne Gallo, Bill Reynolds, Dave Donaldson, and Hayes Clement. Clement appears to be the early front runner, but anything can happen over the next 6 months.

On the Republican side, Alderman Turco-Levin is “definitely not ruling out” a possible run.

I am also seriously considering a run.


Ralph Mitchell said...

The key words for the City of Kingston are "Pay Freeze". My fellow Kingston taxpayers, let's start asking the potential candidates (Clement Hayes, Rich Cahill, Andi Turco-Levin, Bill Reynolds, Shayne Gallo and others) how they feel about Pay Freezes written into the 3 upcoming 2011 contracts for DPW, Fire and Police. Please let's post their replies on this blog.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

I have been getting some very foul mouthed posts sarcastically begging me to run for Mayor.

Boy was it interesting when I used the stat counter program to get the IP address of the poster and then got the actual address where where the poster sent it.

The post traces to a Democrat politico of some prominence, though not as much prominence as he would like to believe.

I guess I'll just file this information away for when he chooses to run for public office again.

Thanks for the political ammunition.

Anonymous said...

Usually you need a search warrent for that, don't you?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


No. There is no expectation of privacy in an IP address when you knowingly choose to post on a blog or send an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish with Jim Sottile leaving office next year. He was, and is, a terrible mayor that was simply in over his head.

Anonymous said...

The question is will his successor(s) be hamstrung with crippling labor contracts that we have now ?- in effect if the Mayor and current council sign contracts beyond 2011 it won't matter who is Mayor or Council.

In the proper spirit,,, said...

sorry,, i have the minority point of view,

I think Jimmy really cares about Kingston & did his level best.

The nasty Unions did their best to torpedo any & every attempt @ balancing the City's needs with revenue.

Lighten up on the big guy & let him go in Peace -
Tis the Season, after all,,

Anonymous said...

You and Andi?
I can live with that...
Go get em, you will have all our support

Anonymous said...

Rich, Time for Noble to do the noble thing and get out of the way of a new Kingston leader. Sure like Shanye Gallo with Hayes Clement as Alderman at Large. Bill Reynolds, Dave Donaldson need to back down. As for the Republicans, Cahill, Levin, Polacco and Marchetti don't see awinner in the group. Go get um Shayne. JaTaR

Anonymous said...

Shayne Gallo will be the same as Sottile, in over his head. Both CSEA and the PBA got rid of him. Now Kingston will have to deal with him. No way Shayne is a member of the "good ol Boys" club. It will still be the same in Kingston with him in office.

Anonymous said...

God help us if another Gallo runs this City.Remember Shayne's brother was a good friend but a terrible Mayor. He was the start of Kingston's money problems, along with many Democrats that are still on the Council.

Anonymous said...

PLEAS RUN FOR MAYOR. Andi should not be running for mayor, she should stay as a alderwoman for another four years. Right now she is just getting her feet wet. Knowledge is power and right now knowledge is what she needs. Bill Reynolds, he needs to move on. Clement Hayes the same as Andi, needs more time. As far as Shayne Gallo he just needs to sit down and shut up. Jim Noble has no back bone and he just looks out for family members, and friends like Sottile. I believe you know what you will be walking into and you will know how to deal with it by law and by morals. Sometimes just doing what is right means more than anything else. I will be behind you 100%. You were born and raised here and i believe you want what is best for the people, the paytaxes, and the people that live in this great city. This city has been ran by gang leaders, THE GOOD OLD BOY'S. Thugs, liers, family members, and friends lets stop the madness and go forward with the charter that was written, keeping the law, and most of all, morals and values of the american dreamers. PLEASE RUN and use people like Andi, Hayes, for they do have great vision for Kingston also.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I have no idea who you are, but your comments made my day.

In the world of politics, one has to develop a thick skin and deal with some very nasty insults. So, when someone says such nice things, one must enjoy it.

Thanks again.