Thursday, July 14, 2016


Teachout, after running a primary against Cuomo and telling anyone who would listen, how bad he is, has now apparently accepted Cuomo's endorsement!!



Anonymous said...

politics as usual.. no wonder there is an uproar regarding political parties. No truth in when they speak.

Thought the exposure of DNC emails of Debbie Wasserman the Schill (Schultz) would be eye opening for the minorities within the democratic party. They are being used. But so blinded by rhetoric.. and elaborate promises.

Anonymous said...

what's with Rascoe and Jack Hayes? any clues?

Anonymous said...

I hear Ed Gaddy is being challenged for chairman. By a George Heidicamp? from Saugerties. Also There is a rumor that young Jim Quigley had called a meeting to get republicans to solicited petitions for new line for Jack Hayes? Trouble in elephant land??