Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cry Baby

Donald Trump is running around claiming that Ted Cruz cheated and there should be a "do over" for the Iowa Caucus.

Yes, Iowa should spend tremendous amounts of taxpayer money to run a second caucus because Donald Trump under performed and got beat.

Here's a better idea, Mr. Trump.  Suck it up, take your loss like a man, and go to New Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

Well, of course this depends on what the law says pertaining to the state of Iowa, but when you send out notices that say "Voting Violation" in big red capital letters, in the minds of some that crosses the line into at least civil if not criminal harrassment of each and every recipient of such a "notice." And that would be a valid claim quite apart from Mr. Trump's wounded ego. That sort of language as used by the Cruz campaign is at minimum inflammatory to the public in receipt of such notices in the mail, and might also be some violation of the postal laws. So even if only Trump is complaining about that any of the other candidates can and should complain about that.
I would therefore say that part of this complaint on the part of Trump is quite valid and reasonable. It seems to be one thing to attack your opponent in a political campaign--recognized by everyone as part of the game-- and another thing to attack the public in such a context, which is in essence what these notices have done.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Boo hoo!! He got beat. Excuses mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

The envelopes were clearly marked showing they came from Cruz's campaign. Only a complete IDIOT would think the letters were from some official agency. And idiots shouldn't be voting on the first place. They're too stupid to understand the issues.

Trump is a feces flinging monkey.

Anonymous said...

To 237 You are correct IDIOTS should not be allowed to vote. Our forefathers agree with you as originally only property owners could vote. But now as a result of Congressional Intervention everybody can vote. even illegal immigrants. I have carried many a petition, and spoken to many a voter who had no clue, and as a result our elected officials often have no clue for they mirror those that elected them.

Anonymous said...

A big amen!!! 1:27 This should be an interesting election year for all levels of seats in government. also, the most frightening..... I must say that Trump has opened the talk on immigration and the downfall of always being PC. Nobody has had the courage in an election campaign to bring this up. Not sure I always agree with his presentation but the talk is happening. Have been waiting for people in congress and senate and other forms of government to have the discussion. Took an outsider to bring it to the forefront. Possibly the reason for his popularity?? My ideal ticket would be Kasich/Rubio. Experience & wisdom/grounded and vitality.