Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Candidate Enters Mayoral Race

Former Alderman, Scott DiMicco, announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for Mayor of the City of Kingston.

In an article appearing on the Freeman website, DiMicco said he has not approached nor spoken with any party chairman.  I can report that he has indeed not approached me yet about the Conservative party line.  I do know that Scott carried the Conservative line each time he ran for Alderman.

Now, there are 2 Republicans candidates running for Mayor, though Ron Polacco has not formally announced yet.  There are also 2 Democrat candidates.

The election season is getting very interesting.


Anonymous said...

This is what we are staying tuned for? Really

You have already decided on the Conservative line everyone knows your giving it to Gallo.

Anonymous said...

I am baffled why certain people like to run for Mayor when they have not been involved in any capacity of civic or community events, government activities or political parties for years. Qualifications in this day and age have to go beyond a popularity contest. It is a business to run and not a figure head Mayor. But then again maybe they think it is good to have a "virgin" at the helm. Not tainted by all the manipulations flying about.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


You do not know what you are talking about. No decisions have been made. Also, I am not the one making the decision. The city executive committee will make the decision.

Anonymous said...

I agree...I'm baffled too about people who just jump into a mayor race without knowing a thing about how to run a city, or any business for that matter. Gallo must be doing something right. Ive noticed more new businesses on broadway then I've seen in yrs. And also new businesses downtown. Give him 4 more yrs to finish the good things his admin has started

Anonymous said...

Gallo may have a disagreeable disposition from time to time but he does love the city and he gets things done. He has deep roots to this city. people who think they can run for mayor with one or 2 agendas are in for a rude awakening. They will be overwhelmed especially if they have had no management skills or how to handle a crisis . Seems like something goes wrong with infrastructure on a regular basis.