Monday, July 14, 2014

Congrats to Kevin Bryant

Earlier this evening, the Ulster County Conservative Party gave its endorsement to Kevin Bryant for Ulster County Family Court.

Thus far, three parties have chosen to endorse.  Two of them, Conservative and Working Families Party, have chosen to support Kevin Bryant.

I was very pleased to support Kevin tonight.  All three candidates who came before the committee were qualified for the position and are good attorneys.  I felt that Kevin was clearly the best of the three.  His personal story and his experience overall as an attorney were very compelling.


Anonymous said...

He has never practiced in family court.

Anonymous said...

Good for Kevin he is the most qualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

So...a few posts ago you wrote that the Working Families Party sold out with its endorsement of Andrew Cuomo. You prefaced it with the Conservative Party being true to its principles.

How do you explain Kevin Bryant getting the Conservative Party and Working Families Party endorsements?

Which party sold out? Or did Kevin Bryant sell out?

Anonymous said...

I hear Bryant declined the nomination. What gives?