Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ulster County Needs Nina Postupack to Run for State Senator

Within the last few days, some of my sources in Albany informed me that the Republicans either have or will be approaching Nina Postupack in an attempt to convince her to run for State Senator against Cecelia  Tkaczyk.  In fact, it is my understanding that polling has confirmed that even at this very early stage, Nina leads Tkaczyk by a considerable margin.  She would more likely than not win the seat.

Local politicos I have spoken with do not believe that Nina will run.  They usually cite her love of her current job or say something like, "She's County Clerk for as long as she wants.  Why leave?"

I have thought about this for a while now and I think Nina should run.  In fact, I think she owes it to Ulster County to run for State Senate.  Let me tell you why.

Every reasonable political prognosticator knows that control of the State Senate will be decided by whether or not Senator Tkaczyk gets reelected.  Last time, she lost almost everywhere except Ulster County.  In Ulster County, she won by a considerable margin.  Ulster County and Greene County together make up half of the voting district.  Thus, anyone running strongly in Ulster County is likely to win.

If Nina were to run and win, Republicans would likely regain control of the Senate without relying upon 4 disenfranchised Democrats.  To keep the seat thereafter, you can bet your last dollar that Ulster County would be the recipient of numerous political and legislative things of value.  It is simply the way that Politics work.  I am not advocating it, but it is the way of the political world, particularly in New York.  Thus, Ulster County would tremendously benefit from a Nina Postupack senatorial victory.

Now, the second question -- Could Nina win?  This is a no-brainer.  She would win quite easily.  Look at her numbers in the 2013 election.  Nina got 39,318 votes pending the counting of absentees and affidavits.  Of those, 18,482 votes came on the Democrat line.  That is just shy of half her entire total.  The Republican and Conservative lines combined were only 17,709.  This shows tremendous cross party support.

Nina has the popularity of the late Senator Arthur Wicks, if not even more so.  Art Wicks was our State Senator and later Lieutenant Governor.  Ask anyone who remembers and they will tell you of all the positive things and good paying jobs that he brought to Ulster County.  Without Wicks, the Thruway would have been on the east side of the Hudson.

There is little question that Nina would run extremely well in Ulster County and would become State Senator.  This leads to the final question.  Will she or rather should she run?  I cannot answer whether she will.  That is up to Nina and her family.  I can answer, however, that she most certainly should.

I was active with the Republican party in the city and county for over 20 years.  I am currently active with the city and county Conservative committees.  As such, I have heard Nina speak and seen her campaign many times.  One of the things that voters really like about Nina is the humility she expresses when she speaks and campaigns.  She always thanks the people of Ulster County and tells them how much they have done for her over the years.  She always expresses her wish that there was even more she could do to give back to them.

Here is the opportunity.  Ulster County has become the forgotten county in New York.  The district was created for someone from Rotterdam and the wishes of Ulster County (and their candidates) were ignored.  If Nina runs and wins, Ulster County gets placed back on the political map.  As the likely deciding district for control of the State Senate, the people of Ulster County would regain their prominence and would be the recipient of various state government opportunities.  Back in the day, there were quite a few state employees assigned to work in this county.  Not so much anymore.  Imagine the opportunity for the people of Ulster County if good paying state jobs were again stationed here.  Ulster needs jobs more desperately than I can express.  This would create such an opportunity.

Nina's local popularity and the current political opportunity together would result in great economic benefits for Ulster County.  We certainly need them.

In summary, I am very hopeful that Nina Postupack will decide to run for State Senate.  It would give her the chance to give back to the people of Ulster County in an absolutely monumental way.  It could bring jobs and economic development back to our county.

I call upon the politicos in this county from the Republican, Conservative, and Independence parties to start a Draft Nina movement.  I hope the people of this county who have repeatedly placed their support behind Nina will let her know how good a State Senator she would be and how much they would like her to run.  Let the word go forth.  We want Nina for State Senate!!


Anonymous said...

You are right. She would win. She should run.

Alas, she will not run.

Anonymous said...

Rich you were smart enough to bolt, the reason Ulster is a forgotten county is due to poor leadership. when that changes then you can talk

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I am not leaving. I still reside in the City of Kingston. My new office is in Newburgh, but I still will do work in Ulster County.