Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hauptmann's Ladder

I have just learned that the release date for my book, "Hauptmann's Ladder: A Step By Step Analysis of the Lindbergh Kidnapping", is set for March 1, 2014.

I am very excited and very pleased about the release date, as March 1, 2014 will be the 82nd anniversary of the Lindbergh Kidnapping.

This has been a long road and a tremendous amount of work.  I think the only way it could be any better is if Dad were here to share it with me.


Anonymous said...

Great job and effort

Carl Chipman said...

Congrats. I hope to buy a copy next spring.

Fitdutchess said...


Anonymous said...

I understand that the City Assessor is going to get a $10,000 raise in the 2014 budget. What is this all about?

Anonymous said...

Please who the hell would buy a book you wrote.

There now I saved everyone the 20.00. and 835 dont expect Cahill to comment on anything that is anti Gallo. He sold his soul for a free commision spot that Gallo gave him to shut him up. Fact matter is as a former good friend of Shayne's I can tell you that Gallo doesnt like Rich, he thinks he's a moron. That's the truth. Cahill thinks Gallo is Roger Clinton. Both are using each other.

Rich your father would be ashamed. Not becasue you support Shayne but becasue you support him despite all he has done and you have comprimised your values and what you believe in your heart. You know the guy is nuts, yet you turn a blind eye. Your duty as an independent observer for the betterment of Kingston is out the window. For what? A fire badge? Bob Gillon has one too, your in great company..At least you have a brain in your head and know whats right and whats wrong. While I disagree with you a lot, I at least respected you becasue you HAD integrity but now I see you as who you are..just a fool looking for power. Sottile was right.


March 1 – Baby Charles kidnapped
March 12 – Condon meets with kidnapper ‘John’ about ransom money
March 16 – Condon receives sleeping suit from kidnappers
April 2 – Eleventh and twelfth ransom note received, Condon pays ‘John’ ransom
April 3 – Failed search for baby in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
May 12 – Deceased body of Lindbergh baby found near home
May 26 – New Jersey police issue a $25,000 reward for information


May 2 – Banks begin to discover bills of ransom money
October 19 – FBI gains jurisdiction over case


August 20 – More ransom gold bills found, lead police to Hauptmann
September 19 – Hauptmann arrested
September 20 – Police find $13,000 of ransom money at Hauptmann’s residence
September 26 – Hauptmann indicted for extortion
October 8 – Hauptmann indicted for murder of Lindbergh baby


January 3 – Hauptmann trial begins in New Jersey
February 13 – Jury rules Hauptmann guilty of first-degree murder


April 3 – Bruno Richard Hauptmann electrocuted for his crime

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I do not know the answer to your question. I know it is occurring, but do not know the rationale.

Mayor Gallo is usually on WGHQ on Friday mornings. I suggest you call in and ask him.

Anonymous said...

A former friend of Gallo who can't spell?? Could it be Blabber???

Anonymous said...

Jereny would b to obvious, maybe someone trying to nake it look lije him.

Anonymous said...

11:04. Blaber wouldn't even have the presence of mind to spout facts, incorrect as they are! His brain is more likely mush at the present time.
Cahill, I'm sure, spent a lot of time analyzing the facts. A major undertaking. We plan on buying the book. Going to have a book signing party, Rich?
7:25 sounds like a bitter man. Why can't different political differences be a part of a friendship. Maybe because he has no friends. Classic example: Tip O'Neil and Ronald Reagan.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I decided to go ahead and post your rant because I think it shows what a fool you are.

First, Shayne Gallo and I are friends and I make no apologies for that. I stand by my friends.

Second, I have no "badge". I go to a meeting and I make recommendations. There is no "power".

Third, maybe you should buy my book because you have factual errors regarding the crime and its aftermath.

The trial began on January 2nd of 1935, not the 3rd.

No money was found in Hauptmann's residence. It was found in his garage and the amount found was $14,600.00. Moreover, they found $20.00 in ransom money on his person.

The search for the baby was not in Martha's Vineyard. It was a search over the ocean running all along the east coast. They were looking for a boat described to them as "Nelly".

The first ransom note discovered by a bank was on April 4, 1932 at the East River Savings Bank in Manhattan, not in May as you allege.

The FBI NEVER gained jurisdiction over the case. That was why Hoover pushed so hard for the Lindbergh Law to be passed. In fact, they officially withdrew from the case on 10/10/34.

Hauptmann was not indicted on October 8th. He was indicted at around 1:30 p.m. on October 9th.

Buy and read my book. Then, you will be able to discuss the case without looking like a damn fool.

Finally, do not ever discuss my father again. He was a great man whose reputation should not be questioned by your silly attempts to tell me what he would have said or thought.

Dad would have supported my decision to accept Shayne's invitation to become a fire commissioner. If you knew anything about Kingston's political history, you would know that Mayor T.R. Gallo appointed Dad to the Charter Commission in 1994.

The Gallos and the Cahills (referring to my family) have always been friendly and respected one another despite our political differences.

My Dad knew T. Robert Gallo and their fathers (Matt and Tommy) knew each other as well.

One additional thought. If you had any integrity or any guts whatsoever, you would post under your own name. Your unwillingness to put your name on the post shows a complete lack of testicular fortitude exceeded only by your now demonstrated ignorance.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


Yes, I do. Once I have details, I will announce it.