Thursday, June 13, 2013

Primary: Dawson versus Woerner

Apparently, some residents in ward 4 do not like the fact that the Democrat party nominated a candidate who has never lived in the ward.  This is includes long time resident Nina Dawson who has announced that she will run a primary against Nick Woerner for the Democrat line.

To add to the drama, Mayor Gallo has announced that he is supporting Ms. Dawson and will campaign for her.

Woerner responded by announcing that he is is getting an apartment in the ward soon.  He also said he grew up in Kingston.  He did not mention that he never lived in the ward at any time, though he said he has lived near the ward for two years.

For those who want to know why Gallo is supporting Dawson, allow me to fill in the gaps.  Woerner's poorly kept secret plan is to be elected Alderman this year and run a primary for Mayor in 2015.  His campaign and plan is being backed by an extremely rich man who enjoyed special insider status for many years, but was told by Mayor Gallo upon his election that such would no longer be the case.  The backer is none other than Steve Aaron.

If the Democrats want to stop Aaron / Woerner in their quest to become Mayor, then they should vote for Ms. Dawson.  If you want to know what a Woerner/ Aaron administration would be like in Kingston, ask Supervisor Quigley about the financial mess that was left for him in the Town of Ulster.  We do not need that here in Kingston.


Anonymous said...

Now Rich how dare you call at our favorite developer?
Do you know he will not be pleased with you?
Nicky boy doesn't have a chance to get elected to be paperboy locally and all Steve's money cant change that.

Anonymous said...

Thick as thieves these Aaron/Woerner conspirators.They deserve each other but let their love fest stay out of this city. Woerner is still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. As to Aaron, he needs to find a heart, The one he has is dead and cold. Off to see the wizard.....

press on said...

Dawson has to campaign seriously to beat Woener, and she can. We all know very few vote in a primary and it can be very tight; take nothing for granted.

If she makes it passed Woener, then her race vs Ladin should be respectful as well as competitive.