Monday, April 29, 2013

The Latest Political Rumblings

As the 2013 election season slowly approaches, the 2 hotspots appear to be Ulster and Rochester.  Let's take a look.

In Ulster, there are real questions about the entire ticket.  Town Councilwoman Hendrick, an enrolled conservative and Town Conservative Chair, has consistently agitated the Town Supervisor and numerous members of the Republican Committee.  Now, there are real questions of a divide between the two parties.

Hendrick best be careful.  The last time there was a divide between the Republicans and Conservatives, Nick Woerner got elected.  Is that really what they want?  There are rumors he wants to return an seek his old job.  Beware those who fail to learn from history.

Now, to the hottest part of Ulster County (at least politically), the Town of Rochester.

The battle for the legislative seat currently held by Terry Bernardo now has three candidates.  Manuela Michailesku is once again seeking the seat.  Considering how badly she was defeated previously and considering how many people her husband has infuriated with his blog comments, her chances are poor.  That does not mean, however, that she will not have a substantial impact on the race.  She will, but not in the way she thinks.

A man named Dawson has stepped forward to run.  He is perceived rightly or wrongly as the candidate presented by Dave O'Halloran to go after Terry Bernardo.

Terry Bernardo has already made it clear that she is seeking election.

So, how will this go?  Well, it is clear to me that the Conservatives and the Independence Party will endorse Terry Bernardo.  There will be attempts at Opportunity to Ballot primaries, but these will fail either in court or at the ballot box.  Expect Terry Bernardo to be on the ballot in November on the Conservative and Independence Party lines.

What about the Republican line?  This is more interesting.  Considering the current make up of the Rochester Committee, expect Mr. Dawson to receive the initial endorsement.  It appears he has the votes.  Bernardo will come in second and Manuela will come in third.

There will then be a 3-way primary for the Republican line.  It is in this primary that Manuela will have the most influence.  She will not win.  In fact, she will come in a distant third.  However, the votes she will take (20% at most) will not come from the Bernardo camp.  They will come from potential Dawson voters and from the support she has on her own.  In the end, Bernardo will win the primary, but could do it with less than 50% of the vote.  Expect the vote to be 45% for Bernardo, 35% to 40% for Dawson, and the balance (15% to 20%) for Manuela.

For Dawson to win, he cannot just run against Terry and Len Bernardo.  He has to run on his own.  Unfortunately, with Manuela in the race, that will not be possible.  The anti-Bernardo venom will overwhelm the primary, doom Dawson, and likely give Terry the win.

In this district, the entire race will be pro-Bernardo versus anti-Bernardo.  Dawson and Manuela will split the anti-Bernardo vote.  Thus, Manuela could have the biggest role of all -- spoiler.  Ironically, she could be the one who guarantees Terry Bernardo another term in the Legislature.

In the weeks to come, expect vicious attacks and commentary between the Manuela camp and David O'Halloran, the one who is believed to be behind the Dawson campaign (rightly or wrongly).  Ironically, this plays right into the hands of the Bernardos who must be laughing up their sleeves more and more.


Anonymous said...

You know what Rich in the last few years I have seen politics just go down the tubes. The current people are more of an embarrassment than leaders.
Gallo, Hein Bernardo,Quigley, Maloney the list goes on and on of socially inept people that need to be in office for validation of themselves, more than to serve the people.
Really can you offer one politician that has run a successful business, learned from it and got involved based on experience and the desire to make things better for all?
Look at Hein a slum lord store manager who was handed his position, changed his party and takes thousands each month from the very county and state that feeds him and operates a low income housing business and no one even cares.
Gallo a sub par lawyer who needed a job and is wacky...while I believe his heart is in the right place his lack of professionalism is embarassing.
Maloney, carreer butt sucker who doesnt invest a dollar of his own money locally and they praise him, why I dont know. these two nuts a long story but just look how she conducts herself. Thier business was never going to suport what they lied about for thier pilot but they didnt care and took the freebies anyway and she really has a shot at getting re-elected.
Quigs, just a soically inept man.
This is the best we have to offer???
Sad but I am proud to say that I never voted for any of these jokers. I did vote for you twice...
We are doomed with these hacks in charge

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I have to disagree on a few points.

You are entitled to your opinion, but I do not think that Shayne Gallo is "a subpar lawyer". I have dealt with him on numerous occasions and his knowledge of the law and its context is solid.

As for Jim Quigley, I could not disagree more. Jim is a man who is not afraid to tell it like it is. That upsets some people. He is not socially inept.

Concerning Maloney, I do not know what you are talking about. I have always gotten along with him. I disagree with some of his votes, but that is expected.

The Bernardos are not nuts. They are politically aggressive and have made enemies. They are quite sane, however.

As for Hein, I have no comment about his properties because I am not familiar with them. As for changing parties, I changed from Republican to Conservative, so I have no basis to criticize.

I do share your concern about the level of politics in Ulster County though. We need a lot more dignity and personal conviction.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Dogar-Marinecu's latest bunch of bull. After he stole the web site domain from the Rochester Republicans, now he claims he did not and once again is attacking their chair.

He is such a disgusting human being.