Sunday, February 24, 2013

Senor vs Hoffay

The Daily Freeman has an article today wherein Aldermen Senor and Hoffay attempt a battle of wits despite both being unarmed.

The name calling contest sounded like two children at elementary school recess trying to come up with the best "Your Mother" jokes.

I hope this election season results in better candidates.  The people of Kingston deserve so much better than these two clucking hens.


Anonymous said...

How nice for Bob Senor to have freeman reporter Paul Kirby on his telephone speed dial. Kirby is like a dog on a bone when Senor comes calling. Want some front page coverage just call and you got it. Any wonder more andmore people are disscusted and don't seek public office. Bob go back to the Republican Party and run for office in your newhome town of Ulster.

Anonymous said...

When is Senor going to resign as HE DOES NOT LIVE IN THE CITY.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I am no longer an enrolled Republican. However, unless things have changed dramatically, the Republicans do not want Senor back.

To use the playground vernacular used by Hoffay and Senor -- No Backsies!!

Anonymous said...

As a republican, we don't want him back!! Ever!