Monday, December 17, 2012

Stop Politicizing the Death of Children

Like millions of Americans, I was horrified at the slaughter of innocent children at the elementary school in Connecticut.  The idea of 5 and 6 year old babies being killed before they could even get a real taste of life is beyond shocking.  Still to be determined are the terrible effects psychologically on the children who survived but saw their teacher, principal, and classmates murdered before their eyes.

The families of the dead still mourn their loved ones and the pain remains fresh and raw, but this does not stop immoral political hacks from descending on Connecticut determined to use this tragedy for political gain.  These disgusting opportunists appear from both the right and the left.

From the right, a group of people intend to protest or picket the funerals of the children claiming this slaughter is the judgment of God.  Leave the grieving families alone.  Certainly, God does not offer his judgment in the form of the death of innocent children.

From the left, we have the gun control zealots who insist that stricter gun laws would have prevented this heinous abomination.  One Congressman, Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) actually had the gaul to say that President Obama should "exploit" the Connecticut tragedy in order to get the edge on the gun control debate.  Joining Nadler in such thoughts are Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo who have both started using this tragedy to support their gun control agenda.

One should not exploit the death of children.  Moreover, if a person is so evil that he plans the killing of as many 6 year old children as he can, do you really think such evil would hesitate for even one second because of a gun law?  Please also further keep in mind that Connecticut has some of the strongest anti-gun laws in the country.  This crime was not the result of the lack of gun laws.  It was the result of an evil and deranged mind.

Here is my suggestion to the politicians and the political zealots from both sides of the aisle.  Get out of Connecticut and leave these people alone.  Let them grieve and bury their loved ones.  They do not need to be exploited or chastised.  They need to be left alone to heal and to try to gather their shattered lives back together.  The last thing they need is some attention seeking politician or zealot appearing in their town seeking personal or political grandeur over the deaths of their beloved children.


Anonymous said...

Thay should explore the mental health system...

Anonymous said...

Right on!! People will use anything to push their opinions.

Anonymous said...

Let them grieve without the glare of cameras and debate. First step is to address how we treat or ignore the mentally ill before we address the gun issue. Ironically, a lot of these parents and family members are going to need the help of mental health professionals as they move forward in coming months and years.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should re-think the laying off of 28 employees in the children's mental health unit in Ulster County