Thursday, February 9, 2012

Investigation Underway

Mayor Gallo has referred the entire Fire Department matter involving "time and attendance", as well as the issues of equipment use by the department to the District Attorney's Office. Meanwhile, former Chief Rea has been suspended without pay and retired Chief Salzmann has his pay and retirement benefits on hold.

I am told that computers and records were seized by the authorities from the Fire Department's Central Station and Chief's Office. I also hear tell of a "diary" which purportedly tells all regarding the "time and attendance" matter.

Over the next few weeks and months, this story will be fascinating to watch. As someone who has long called for investigations regarding city policy, I will be most interested in the outcome.

Finally, we must all remember that both Mr. Salzmann and Mr. Rea are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Ralph Mitchell said...

Rich do you know if there is a local law which requires City of Kingston employees to live in the city? If so, how are the waivers handled, on a case by case basis. I seems that there should be this type of local law to encourage people to buy houses, shop and support the city. On KCR radio, Bill Reynolds said that there was a court case which disallowed such a "live in the city" local law. Is he correct?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


My understanding is that there is a law requiring residence within a 10 mile radius.

To be fair, I have not looked this one up in some time, so it could have been changed.

Anonymous said...

KPD members have a 10 mile radius from the city in which they are are required to live.

KFD can live in an adjoining county not separated by water; so Orange Greene and Delaware Counties are OK but not Duchess. This is a State law.

I don't believe there are any residency requirements for DPW.

Although it is worth while goal to have all employees live with in the city, having this requirement limits the pool of qualified applicants and encourages cronyism and nepotism, as mainly only friends and relatives will be given jobs. Then they will be the only one eligible for promotions and eventually run the departments. Sound familiar?

Having a requirement for new employees would be burdensome as new hire begin at the bottom of the pay scales and could not afford to move to the city.

Anonymous said...

Rich, When Sottile hired Mike Schupp and Diane Bergquest, the council had to wave the tem mile rule. The only problem is that they waved the rule 3 months AFTER they were hired.

Also some DPW workers do not have to punch in and out for there overtime. Schupps assisstants do not punch their time cards on a regular basis, as does the senior wastewater treatment plant. No record other than a time sheet which cannot be verified.

Hopefully the new Mayor will change that.

Bd said...

All these cases are sad.
Even the Mathews case,, stupid, yes, criminal - yes,,

but, these men laid their lives on the line every day for Kingston & to see them go out this way,,, hurts.
I feel for the families, the kids, the friends & especially the other cops & firefighters who don't mess with their time cards , etc,,
They get hurt too,
Guilt by small minded association is rampant!


Anonymous said...

about time someone looked into all dept. congrats to the new mayor

Anonymous said...


Ulster is Your Town Too said...

In an effort to dispel unfounded innuendo and attempt to answer questions posed above:
The original post relating to Ulster Gardens was based on rumors being spread by a competing developer, we made an assumption that they were factual and found them not to be so. In an effort to correct misrepresentations we spoke directly to the developer and engineer and found the project to be far more positive than originally thought.
We also like the fact that competition among developers can only insure that the TOwn of Ulster gets the best the industry has to offer.
Mandelbaum and Warwick Properties have a stellar record regarding existing projects and as far as a EIS or FEIS, the property in question has been surveyed and resurveyed, the issues are the same today as they were when Ulster Manor was proposing development much more intrusive, (of a much larger scale and footprint), this developer unlike Ulster Manor has demonstrated a willingness to accomodate the concerns of local residents and to mitigate any issues of concern yet unresolved.
Because UIYTT has offered comments many times on Ulster Report blog, NONE OF WHICH HAVE BEEN POSTED, you can find this comment in duplicate on UIYTT, BLABER NEWS & COMMENTARY, CAHILL FOR KINGSTON and any other blog read by local residents.
UIYTT is transparent and unbiased, GOOD DEVELOPMENT IS GOOD DEVELOPMENT, except in the case when it causes unwanted competition.

Anonymous said...

Thay! should indict! all of them! under the RICO act! especially Sottile! He was the ring leader he is the one responsible,he was chief executive...

Anonymous said...

10:59 You sound very angry. Hit a nerve? I guess there is only one way we can find out if 8:38 is blowing smoke?

I am sure people in the know read this blog and if the accusations are true, more people will be losing there jobs. Or just made to punch a clock like the rest of the employees for the City.

We finally have a Mayor demanding accoutability and that is a good thing. So take a pill 10:59 and chill out. The wheels of justice turn ever so slowly.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that assisstant superintendent Ed Boyle is very close with treatment plant operator Allen Winchell and both of these guys are doing everything they can to work as much overtime as they can, if you call what they do work. Boyle has been coming in to virtually every overtime call that is in play along with the duty forman and the laborer and driver. That is totally wrong and obnoxious for him to do so, never was done before he was assistant super. The problem is is that most people other than the workers dont realize that he is fleecing the taxpayer by doing so! His predecessor NEVER came for every call, it was left exclusively to the duty foreman on call to come with his driver and laborer to attend to the task at hand, and then in the event of a problem that couldnt be tackled by the duty foreman, THEN the assistant super would be called. This practice must stop by Eddy Boyle, it is costing the taxpayers a lot of money since he recieves a high rate of pay, more than the duty foreman. As for Allen Winchell, he sometimes comes in and "assists" the assist superintendent to do his job, which is a con job on Winchell's and Boyle's part!! Furthermore, the overtime being worked at the treatment plant under Winchell is over 100k in O.T. for 8 guys....give me a break ,every worker on the payroll knows that the workforce under Winchell down there is being paid for 3 hour callouts EVERY NITE when they should be paid under SCHEDULED overtime per hour, not the minimum 3 hour callout. Big time fleecing going on down ther since these people more than likely are not punching cards for thier O.T.

Anonymous said...

So when is this new school superintnendt and the board going to complete the investigation into the Zena scores and to the problems that Childs has had within the school district. Or is it who you know and nothing happens. A useless Board and Superintendent.

Anonymous said...

8:25 Did you get a look at whos running the show at the sewer annex. The guy is a moron and needs Boyle to hold his hand.

As for Winchell, he doesn't live next to the Mayor anymore, so his days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

I read a comment on the Freeman site that Rea's father, an attorney, had a secretary with the last name "Carnright". If this was a relative of the DA would this be considered a conflict?

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I have insufficient information to give an opinion. The question would depend on the identity of the relative, the nature of the relationship, and whether one's ability to handle the case fairly would be hampered.

It is very unlikely that there would be a conflict in the fact pattern you are presenting, but it is possible depending on the factors above.

Anonymous said...