Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Golden Hill Issue Resolved By County Executive

The Middletown Record is reporting that Ulster County Executive Michael Hein “has just announced that Golden Hill Nursing home is going to be privatized.” "The county is creating a local development corporation to identify a buyer and sell the County Nursing home to a private buyer in 2013. The subsidy to run the home in 2012 is $5.6 million."

"Legislators must approve a transfer to a local development corporation and Hein says he will veto any other options. The budget calls for an increase of 2.5 percent in the tax rate. Hein says he will veto any attempts to override the property tax cap."

The County Legislature was deeply divided on this issue. Now, it appears that County Executive Mike Hein has stepped up, shown some leadership, and taken a strong stand on the issue. Whether you agree with his decision or not, one must commend him for taking a strong position.


Anonymous said...

Privitization is not the answer.Golden Hill was built by this county with government money.If government is incapable of properly maintaining and operating the facility it should admit its inadequacies and those responsible should be identified.Historical perspective and identification of those negligent officials should be offered.If the private sector can generate a profit so can government if it hires the proper personnel.The difficulty is that those in government actually believe and convince the public that they are C.E.O.material and deserving of commensurate salaries.The reality is quite the opposite. Note the tax based salaries of the school district and the county administration both excessive and failing on every level.I do not wish to sell my assets to provide your salary but rather to pay your salary to protect my assets in one instance and in the other to educate.Your inability to do so requires a change in C.E.O.s not the selling of that which you cannot manage.

Anonymous said...

Hein and his bloated staff are the problem. No other County Exec has as much staff as Hein. Both Orange and Dutches County have higher population and larger budgets. BUT LESS STAFF. Wake up Ulster County before its too late.


Anonymous said...

Who's getting it Aaron?

Anonymous said...

Lets hope Aaron doesn't get Golden Hill. I remember a story some years ago about him breaking into his mothers safety deposit box and taking thing that were not his.

Now I ask you if you will steal from your Mother what will you do to people you don't even know?

Anonymous said...

6:39 - Aaron has been stealing from the taxpayers for decades. His bullying of a Kingston assessor got her to lower his tax liability (not the assessment itself, but what he'd owe) by $80K - and that was in 1992. That's millions of dollars by now. He owes over a half a million dollars to towns, Kingston, the IDA, and the school district.

He's in debt up to his ears. No one should be lending him any money to develop anything.

Anonymous said...

You're right 6:39. Aaron stole from his own Mother. Does anyone really think hes an honest man and has our seniors best interest at heart? He is in it only for the money whether its tax payer or seniors pensions and social secrurity.

Anonymous said...

I have not heard "the fat lady" sing on this issue,therefore it is not a done deal. Think outside the box,for once.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


If the "fat lady" is not singing, she is certainly warming up.

If you think the Democrats are going to buck Mike Hein in an election year, you are out of the box and off the reservation.

The Republicans are split on this issue and there is no way the Legislature generates a 2/3 vote and overrides his veto.