Saturday, July 23, 2011

Response to Mr. Silva

In today's Daily Freeman, Chris Silva, the Executive Director of the Bardavon, lashed out at myself and other candidates for office for opposing the proposal to make the King's Inn location low income housing. His e-mail was filled with hateful attacks and provocative language.

He wrote, "What I find most pathetic is this politically expedient mob mentality pile-on that publically (sic) trashes a proposal by 3 LOCAL organizations before any meetings, any discussion of the proposal itself and the many ways it could benefit midtown."

He further writes, "We 3 propose a $12 million dollar investment into midtown and get told through the front page of the newspaper by the gang of 5 to screw off. We don't want your ideas. Pathetic."

I can only speak for myself, but I must respond to this unprofessional and inappropriate e-mail from Mr. Silva. I was contacted by the Daily Freeman about this proposal. I spent the next day and a half researching the proposal and researching the organization proposing it. It was only AFTER I did this research that I came out against the proposal.

I oppose any further low income housing in Kingston. We have more than enough. I have no problem with the organization proposing this. Their reputation is excellent. Nevertheless, more low income housing is not the answer for Kingston.

Second, I did not nor have I offer told a developer to "screw off". Your accusation is inappropriate and unprofessional. If you think you have a good argument to make about the proposal, I am always willing to listen. If what you are going to offer are personal insults and unprofessional banter, then I am not interested.

I will tell you that Ms. Lenz contacted me and asked me to tour the facility in Newburgh and listen to her arguments. I told her that I am very unlikely to change my mind, but I am always willing to listen and collect more data and information. Perhaps you should consider taking a lesson from Ms. Lenz. She was very professional and very polite. She did not offer personal insults or attacks.

Finally, your statement about the amount of the investment is misleading. According to the proposal, a substantial amount of the funding comes from federal tax money through the low income housing grants. As best I can tell, without the grants for low income housing, there is insufficient money for this project.


A Democrat said...

Your right on tarket Rich, Kingston has enough low income housing. If they can't come up with a better proposal then that leave the site empty until someone does.

Anonymous said...

We need businesses in the Broadway corridor, not housing. There is already plenty of low-income housing. I know for a certifiable fact that there are empty apartments in at least one low income facility. Fill those up, don't build new.
If there is grant money available, use it for business development or better still for an increased police presence in Mid-town; we can certainly use that

Anonymous said...

If they have 12 million to invest,why don't they put in a outlet complex,this way they can keep the property on the tax rolls and at the same time create jobs.Also this would bring in tourist.Now something like this would be a win-win for Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Poor choice of words for Silva. He needed to step out of the arena because he is too close to the situation on all levels. Perhaps he regrets his impulsiveness, maybe not.

joe frank said...

Mr. Silva and his bandied crew from Poughkeepsie did save UPAC from closing. What most people dont realize is that most if not all local businesses who were vendors of UPAC got dumped. So when Mr. Silva touts local support from business he really means from Dutchess County.

Mr. Silva got quite a jewel in his back pocket as UPAC is a larger venue than the Bardavon.

I wish Silva well but he needs to realize that low income housing is not going to work to UPAC's benefit unless Silva plans to reintroduce Saturday afternoon $1 movies from yester-year.