Friday, June 17, 2011

An Open Letter to the Mayor and Common Council

Mayor Sottile and Members of the Common Council,

It has been brought to my attention that the equipment from the Public Access Studio has been placed in a storage unit since shortly after the studio on Broadway was vacated. It has also been brought to my attention that the Public Access Commission is in danger of missing the third consecutive monthly payment. Should this occur, the storage facility would be within its rights to seize the equipment and auction it off.

The equipment is older, but still works. It would truly be a shame if the people of Kingston lost the equipment necessary to return to a studio and have live public access shows, something the people of Kingston have enjoyed immensely. In addition to losing the ability to do live shows, the ability to broadcast live events in the City such as festivals, celebrations, and Council meetings would be lost.

There is space available behind the Council Chambers for storage between the Majority and Minority Leaders' offices. There is also storage space in the top floor of City Hall. In the interest of protecting equipment that belongs to the people of Kingston, i.e. the studio equipment, I respectfully request that the City of Kingston intervene and remove the studio equipment from the storage unit before it is auctioned off and lost forever.

I realize that Public Access Television has created public controversy. I also know that many people throughout our city enjoyed Public Access television and miss it. Moreover, the equipment is owned by the Public Access Commission which is an extension of city government. I submit that this places on obligation on the City of Kingston to protect this equipment. Please do so without haste.

I thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Richard T. Cahill Jr.

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Anonymous said...

This is as ridiculous and the other two idiots noting they would quit thier jobs if elected...
Why arent any of you candidates supplying citizens with your vision and plan
All you do is complain about Sinagra
Turco is running for prom queen
Clement, who knows, havent heard one valid idea from him yet
Gallo bithcing about the dems, and living in the shawdows of TR

Its a wide open race, you better get it in gear, and stop worrying a TV show
A reality show is happening on the streets of Kingston, and its rated R, for voilence, and mature situations, no time to act like a kid now