Friday, March 11, 2011

Attention Kingston Residents

On Wednesday, March 16th at 6:00 p.m. at Miller School, the Board of Education will formally receive the plan from the Master Plans Committee to close Meagher and Sophie Finn schools. I urge the people of Kingston to attend this meeting and speak out in opposition to this plan.

Meagher and Sophie Finn are important parts of 2 significant neighborhoods within Kingston. We cannot sit idly by and allow the Board to close TWO city schools. Why should the children of Kingston be sent by bus all over the county when so many are currently able to walk to a neighborhood school?

Let your voice be heard at this important meeting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rich just heard that Mike Schupp bought a bypass pump for sewer work. Only problem he bought a standard size pump with metric piping. Why are we paying him $5,000.00 more than Gorsline.

He bought the pump over 1 year ago and never checked it out. Why didn't the purchasing agent figure that out.

Anonymous said...

your spys are working over time if they would just do thier job and stop complaining when ask to do so we tax payers would all be better off if you become the next mayor i hope you will address this ans not let them pull the wool over your eyes