Wednesday, January 19, 2011

High Ranking Officer Placed on Administrative Leave

The Daily Freeman is now reporting that a high ranking member of the Kingston Police Department "has been put on administrative leave, has retained legal counsel in connection with an audit of school district and police payroll records." This information was apparently confirmed by the officer's attorney and an internal e-mail.

The Freeman further reports, "A review of Police Department and school district records has turned up the possibility of double-dipping in connection with officers working at city schools, according to officials and other sources."

This story is going to generate a tremendous number of comments and opinions. I just want to ask people to reserve judgment until all of the facts are made known. All men and women and presumed innocent. This officer is entitled to no less.

Some will say that police officers should be held to a higher standard, and I generally agree. If the evidence ultimately proves guilt, then there must be appropriate punishment. However, given this officers prior sterling record and his many good deeds toward our city, I think he deserves the benefit of any doubt. So, let's wait for the evidence and all of the facts before we make any judgments or conclusions.


Anonymous said...

sound advice. We cannot jump to judgement. He has a stellar record in arrests of the criminal element. Unfortunately, officials have a mindset of entitlement after many years on the job.

Anonymous said...

Why did this get this far? - we have highly paid Mayor, Comproller and Chief of Police.

BTW Blaber had this reported on Monday.

Anonymous said...

What's your opinion Rich, if these allegations have any merit, should Jerry Keller stay or go.

Anonymous said...

While making over $130,000 a year, why would someone need to steal $3000?
It doesnt add up

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I am not prepared to condemn Matthews, the Chief, the Mayor, or anyone else until ALL of the facts are known.

We have not heard Lt. Matthews' side of the story yet. I will not make a judgment until I do.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...


I do not care if someone reported this before me. I heard the rumors also, but was unwilling to report on them until there was some public confirmation.

Once the Freeman released it, I made some minor comments.